Turbo-Kart Campions 2017 – Swiss Karting Academy 1

The Swiss Karting Academy 1 Team won the championship in the 2107 Turbo-Kart Season after many ups and downs. After a modeststart to the season, an intensive third race took place, where teammate Renato Basler had to suspend. Boris Sljivic drove almost the whole race by himself, where after hard fight with the whole field together with team boss Nico a second place was achieved. After this race they took the lead in the championship for the first time. This was followed by the first victory where Renato Basler and Boris Sljivic held of the Race Force Team in a rain battle. After the summerbreak the driver dou seemed even stronger and more motivated. The two drivers drove a very strong race with an inferior kart. They led a lap ahead of the runner-up when they dropped out due to a technical defect. The drivers and the team boss were very disappointed because they had lost many points and the lead in the championship with only two races to go. In the night race the SKA 1 Team achieved the podium again and went into the last race again as championship leader. After a gripping duel with a clearly inferior kart against RaceForce they were crowned as winner of the Turbo-Kart-Championship. The team boss is overjoyed with the result and performances of Boris and Renato. After they became vice-champion in 2016, they finally made it in 2017 with 5 podium places in 7 races and a lead of 18 points in the championship.