Boris Šljivić

Date of birth

Place of birth









Zuchwil, Switzerland

Croatia & Switzerland

63 kg

180 cm

University of St. Gallen

Business administration

Karting, Drawing, Sports

Michael Schumacher, Kimi Räikönnen, Niki Lauda

Motorsport and in particular Formula 1 has been my greatest passion since I have been able to think clearly. Already at a young age I started to follow the races with enthusiasm. I sat in front of the TV and just watched the action without moving. I was simply fascinated by the images of how my idols controlled their vehicles at the very limit, how the sparks were shooting from the rear diffusor and of the indescribable sound produced by the engines. The first drawings in kindergarten were always racing cars and the first posters were put on my room walls. One day the desire came up to drive on the racetrack myself. My parents took me to the nearest karting track, where I was able to do my first laps. Already after the first meters I was overwhelmed by feelings of happiness. I was just living my dream in reality and couldn’t get enough of it. From then on, I knew this was my world.

Because I couldn’t make the jump into professional karting at a young age due to financial reasons, I started to share my passion in the form of videos. I uploaded the first videos on YouTube, where they quickly gained popularity. In addition to the many millions of views and the 20,000 subscribers on my channel, these films also attracted attention from magazines, sports stations and established racing drivers. I really appreciate the fact that I have a platform with my channel where like-minded people can share and live out their passion. In addition to motorsport, I also have a passion for business administration, which is why I started studying business administration at the University of St. Gallen after graduating from high school. During my studies, I was able to work on my personal development in addition to theoretical knowledge. I learned what it means to be a team player, how to deliver the best performance under pressure, and how much effort, determination and courage it takes to succeed.

It has always been a childhood dream to become a racing driver and to compete against the best in the world. The start of my racing career goes back to the Sodi World Series rental karting races at the Race-Inn. From the first race on I had an incredible will to win and to be the first to cross the finish line. Every day I work on myself to get better. I always prepare myself both physically and mentally for the races. Over time, I was able to win the biggest rental karting races in Switzerland, I became European Vice Champion in Endurance Indoor Karting, took part in the Young Drivers Challenge and currently drive one of the fastest electric prototypes in the world for AMZ Racing. This attitude distinguishes me as a personality, in sports as well as in my professional and private life. I always set my goals very high and no matter how difficult the circumstances are, I always believe in myself and in my abilities and give everything I can to achieve my goals and dreams.