I.E.K.C. 2019

For the first time I took part in the Indoor European Kart Championship (I.E.K.C.) in 2019. The championship took place in Middelburg, a town in the Dutch province of Zeeland. It was a completely new experience, as the best racing drivers in rental karting, including Ruben Boutens, Rico Haarbosch, Michal Grzyb and Mats de Jong, were represented in the field. Unfortunately the whole championship was dominated by the kart draw, because the differences between the karts were quite big. I was unlucky enough to draw the worst karts and dind’t had much of a chance against such drivers. But in the third race I managed to draw a good kart, whereupon I surprisingly qualified for second place on the grid. Due to my lack of experience, I was not able to hold this position and after a hard fight I narrowly missed the podium. But this result allowed me to qualify for the semi-finals. In the semi-final I was the last one to draw the remaining kart, wich was about one second slower per lap due to the misfiring engine. Qualified in the last place I managed at least to gain two positions by my tactics and finished the individual championship on 43rd place.

In the team race I drove fort he Swiss Karting Academy Team with my team mates Ilia Drovossekov and Renato Basler. We had also there not much luck at the kart draw, so we ended up in 9th place in the semi-final and could not qualify fort he A-Final. In the B-Final we finished the race in fifth just behind second place.

Despite the modest results, it was a very instructive weekend, especially when competing against multiple national and world champions. I was able to take a lot with me for the upcoming season and I am looking forward to race against such drivers again.