Formula Student Germany 2021

After the success in Hungary, preparations went ahead for the final event of the season, which was held at the Hockenheimring in Germany. Unfortunately, the inverter was blown up one day before the departure, so there were big doubts about whether we could even participate in the event. After an assessment of the situation, we decided that a part of the team would travel to Germany, while the others would stay in Switzerland to repair the damage on the inverter and then send it to Germany by express delivery.

The AMZ Racing Team at the Hockenheimring

In Germany it was relatively modest at the beginning, because despite the repair of the inverter we still had problems and only a sixth place was possible in autocross. Nevertheless, we were very motivated to start the Endurance race, where we were very fast from the start. During my stint I was able to drive very consistent lap times, which on average were significantly faster than the competitors. In addition, I managed to overtake TuFast from Munich and Ecuire Aix from Aachen on the track during these stints. After my team-mate Thomas took over for the second stint, he unfortunately suffered severe damage to our hydraulic suspension in the middle of his stint. He managed to get the car over the finish line, which in the meantime was enough for victory in the Endurance race and second place in the overall classification of the Formula Student Germany event.

Unfortunately, we were disqualified during the technical inspection after the race because we lost enough oil from the hydraulic suspension to no longer meet the required ride height. The disappointment was huge at that time and all the team members were just speechless. Nevertheless, we can draw positive conclusions from this event and from the whole season. While it seemed very unlikely at the beginning of the season that we would be able to fight for overall victories, we as a team have always given everything to work out the opportunity to fight for those victories. After a long dry stretch, we were able to get back on top as a team and we were able to prove that we were the fastest in Germany. Preparations are already underway for next year’s car, with which we want to build on these achievements next season in order to continue to fight for the first place in the world rankings.

Photo copyright: FSG