Formula Student Austria 2021

After a busy preparation phase, the Formula Student Austria Event was coming up, which was held at the RedBull Ring in Spielberg. In the Autocross discipline, we got off to a good start, where we had all four engines in use for the first time. However, we didn’t had the testing time to adjust the car to this performance, which is why the car ended up unpredictably to drive. On the one hand, we had much more power available, but we were still plagued by sudden shutdowns, the electronic devices were not yet tuned to 4WD and the recuperation was lacking when braking, which caused the mechanical brakes to overheat. After a turbulent ride, where I struggled very hard to keep the car on the track at all, it was enough for Third place.

The handshake with Thomas Schmid after the Endurance Race

Besides the track, I was again able to compete in the finals with our business team as we were able to convince the judges again of our business plan. We ended up celebrating a third place in this discipline. Overnight, we worked on the car to improve the driveability for the Endurance Event. The changes to the suspension paid off, but two engines went out right after the start, so we had to fight the whole race with blunt weapons. In addition, we were again plagued by sudden shutdowns while driving and had a problem turning on the car on time during the driver’s change, which resulted in a time penalty. Nevertheless, we were finally able to finish the race, which was not possible during the entire 2019 season. It was enough for fourth place in the Endurance category and in addition we got a third place in the efficiency category.

In the overall result it was enough for second place, where we finished a few points behind the first-placed team Ecuire Aix from the Reinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule Aachen. The celebration within the team was huge, as it was the first top result in several years and finally served as a true confirmation of the hard work during the last few months and years.

Photo copyright: AMZ Racing, Toschigraphy & FSA