European Karting Finals

The first event of the European Karting Finals was the first international race for me. Accordingly, I was very motivated to perform well. In my qualifying group I was the fastest and could start in the front row at the pre-final. After taking the lead in the first corner, I was able to move away from my pursuers and win the race after 20 laps with an advantege of 1.372 seconds. In the final i got a bad kart compared to my competitors, which unfortunately often happens at rental kart races. My kart could not reach the same speed on the straights as the competition, which made it very difficult to defend my position. After 30 laps and 3.962 seconds behind the leader, I was only able to cross the finish line in fourth place, which was very disappointing. Nevertheless, I would like to thank all those, who supported me and were excited for me on the track. Unfortunately, the result was not what I hoped for but the performance was really good.