Formula Student East 2021

With a flight to Hungary, the journey started in Budapest at the Hungaroring, where the Formula Student East Event was held. A few days earlier, the Formula 1 race was held here, so many team members headed straight for turn 1 to look for some remains of the big crash caused by Valtteri Bottas at the start of the race.

A snapshot of me on the Hungaroring

Since everyone was unsuccessful in their search, they returned to the usual procedure. After the scrutineering and the static disciplines went well, Autocross also went on. There we were finally able to exploit our full potential, which helped us to a clear victory with an advantage of over two seconds to the runner-up. In the Endurance race, this fight was continued, where each team had to cope with very hot air and asphalt temperatures. While I adapted my driving style in my stint to use as little energy as possible, I dueled on the track with Greenteam from Stuttgart and Rennstall Esslingen for track position, before my team-mate Thomas took over for the second stint. Thanks to more consistent and faster lap times by both of us, it was clearly enough for the victory.

Now it was finally time for us to celebrate our first overall victory since 2018. In the dynamic disciplines we were able to show our full potential and were clearly superior to the competition. Surprisingly, we also won in the efficiency category and the special award for the most efficient race car. The telemetry data showed later, that indeed my driving style was a key factor for this achievement. Victory in Autocross combined with victory in Endurance has not been achieved by the AMZ Racing Team from Zurich for 5 years. After so many low strokes in the past few years, we have finally made it back to the top as a team. At this point, I would like to thank the team, who over the years have always given me confidence and believed in me, and who have made it possible for me to share these moments of pure joy with them.

Photo copyright: AMZ Racing & FSEast